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Small price, big exposure. Listing your property for sale at OwnSelling will save you lots of money, and we’ll syndicate your listing to the biggest sites on the Internet so that potential buyers can find your property. Listing your property for sale by owner here costs next-to-nothing when compared to traditional estate agent marketing. We provide many of the tools you’ll need to market your own property real estate.

There are two choices in property marketing: Choice A….do it yourself, or choice B….get an agent. If commissions on a R1 500 0000 sale are averaging R100 000 why not try to market your own listing? The For Sale By Owner market grows every year as people realize that the Internet can help them reach buyers while saving lots of money. We’ve designed the site with the best possible user experience in mind. It’s easy to list your property, and it’s easy to track how many people view it every week. No other site offers so much for so little.